7 Innovative Ways to Style Jewelry with Your Birthstone

For many individuals, their birthstones hold a special significance. These gemstones are traditionally associated with the month of one’s birth, and they’re also believed to possess unique qualities and meanings. This is why pieces of jewelry with a person’s birthstone remain popular choices for gifting and accessorizing outfits that range from the casual to the formal.

Whether you’re seeking effortless elegance, professional sophistication, or a dazzling formal look on a special day like your wedding, there are endless possibilities for incorporating your birthstone into your ensemble. Here are some recommendations for showing off your birthstone through your jewelry and clothing:

7 Innovative Ways to Style Jewelry with Your Birthstone

1) Add a Touch of Bespoke Luxury to an Outfit for a Special Occasion

Jewelry with your birthstone may be the perfect personal touch for an outfit that’s already supposed to be very special—for example, your wedding dress and veil. Finish off your bridal outfit with essentials like bridal tights and a necklace or earrings that feature a birthstone like diamond or amethyst.

The rich green hue of an emerald stone, on the other hand, can be styled boldly for a black-tie event. Opt for a pair of emerald drop earrings to complement your evening gown, or make a statement with an emerald bracelet adorned with intricate designs to match an opulent mood or theme.

If you were born in July, showcase the fiery red color of ruby in your formal outfit. Consider wearing a statement ruby cocktail ring as the centerpiece of your evening ensemble, or rock some ruby-encrusted earrings to add a pop of color to your little black dress.

2) Elevate Your Office Attire

You don’t need always need a special occasion to wear jewelry with your birthstone, though. It can also be styled quite effortlessly for everyday wear at work. One example is pairing an aquamarine pendant necklace with your go-to office attire. The gemstone’s pale blue color can be a great contrast to any neutral-colored blouse-and-skirt or shirt-and-pants ensemble. You can wear gray or navy skirt suits and tights along with your aquamarine jewelry to evoke a natural, but professional vibe.

Another idea is to accessorize your office attire with pearl stud earrings. They will add a touch of simple refinement and achieve a polished style that will match with your comportment. If you’re a September baby, see the difference that a pair of sapphire stud earrings will make when you wear them with your favorite business suit.

3) Put Together Chic Everyday Looks


The beautiful colors of birthstones promise stylish additions to your everyday looks. Citrine stud earrings pair well with a cozy sweater and jeans, as their warm golden tones create a relaxed, yet chic look. Similarly, the vibrant green hue of peridot complements a casual look. Style a flowy sundress with peridot stud earrings for breezy summer attire that looks original and that’s sure to turn heads.

4) Stack Birthstone Bracelets with Different Textures and Materials

If you’re looking for another innovative way to style jewelry with your birthstone, consider finding creative pairings. You can layer birthstone bracelets alongside pieces made from different textures and materials, such as leather, beads, or metals.

Consider stacking a delicate aquamarine bracelet with a leather cuff bracelet and a beaded bracelet. This creates a Bohemian-inspired look that can showcase the artistry of your personal style. You can also layer opal bracelets with other dainty pieces for a trendy and eclectic vibe.

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5) Achieve Understated Style

Many birthstones are beautiful in a less overtly flashy way and can be rather subtly incorporated into your outfits. For instance, amethyst boasts a purple shade that’s cool on the eyes, and an amethyst ring can be incorporated into a classic jeans-and-tee or T-shirt dress look for an understated, yet fashionable effect.

If you prefer blues to purples, blue topaz has serene blue hues that go well with everyday wear. Pair blue topaz hoop earrings with a flowy blouse and trousers for a trendy and sophisticated look.

6) Layer Birthstone Necklaces with Different Lengths and Styles

If you have several necklaces, consider layering them with the piece that features your birthstone. Find necklaces of varying lengths and styles to create a dynamic and layered appearance. You can try combining a short pendant necklace featuring your birthstone with a longer chain necklace or a choker for an on-trend and personalized ensemble. Either way, it’s a great way to draw attention to your face and neckline.

7) Pair Birthstone Rings with Stackable Bands

Bracelets and necklaces aren’t the only pieces you can combine. Wearing multiple rings may also achieve a very stylish and bold effect. Consider stacking birthstone rings with other bands in various metals and designs to create a customized and eclectic-looking ring stack. You can also mix and match birthstone rings with plain bands, textured bands, and diamond-accented bands for a one-of-a-kind look that reflects your singular style.

Additional Tip: Caring for Birthstone Jewelry

Apart from finding different clothing styles to pair with your birthstone jewelry, you should also remember to take care of the pieces themselves. This will help them maintain their brilliance and luster for a long time.

The easiest way to do this is to follow the recommended cleaning guidelines for your specific gemstone. Also, make sure to use a gentle jewelry cleaner. Store individual pieces in soft pouches or jewelry boxes to protect them from scratches and damage.

Even if it’s not your birth month, these innovative tips should help you look great in your birthstone jewelry all year round. Show off your connection to the ideals and characteristics associated with your birthstone, and find an occasion to rock your one-of-a-kind birthstone jewelry pieces!

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