A Guide To Generative AI In Healthcare: New Fast-Track Course

Entering the world of Generative AI doesn’t have to feel like preparing for a space mission without any training. The universe of AI can be as daunting as it is fascinating, especially without a tech background. That’s why we’ve created a new fast-track course, A Short Guide to Generative AI in Healthcare, that cuts through the jargon and delivers the essential knowledge about Generative AI in medicine, for everyone. This new short format allows you to complete the course in 1-2 hours.

This guide was designed for people working in pharma, biotech, health insurance, medical technology companies, and also medical professionals, investors and policymakers – and anyone who wants a quick, clear guide to understand the direction medicine is heading in the generative AI era. 

We aim to empower you with a clear understanding of Generative AI, making you not just conversant but confident in discussing its impact and potential in healthcare. Join us for this journey through the essentials of Generative AI, where complexity is simplified, and learning is fun. We hope you will like it! 

Over the years, we’ve written thousands of pages about artificial intelligence, including dozens of articles, multiple ebooks, Dr. Meskó recorded hours of YouTube content and we also have a thorough, in-depth online course about AI in medicine.

Still, we noticed with increasing frequency that many would feel more comfortable if there was a “shortcut”, a painless, quick intro into this new, oftentimes scary world of medical generative AI. This is why we designed this new course, dedicated to busy professionals. Here are the cornerstones: 

  • No tech background is needed. We explain the concepts in plain English.
  • Learn on the go! Bite-sized videos, infographics, and quizzes fit into your schedule.
  • Understand why it matters. Explore the potential and the challenges of AI in your field.
  • Can be comfortably completed over one or two sittings with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. 

What’s on the menu?

Here is a glimpse into what this crash course covers: 

  • Generative AI 101: unravel what GenAI is and how it’s revolutionising fields far beyond traditional AI’s capabilities, and learn the difference between “traditional” AI and generative AI.
  • Language models unleashed: from Large Language Models (LLMs) to Small Language Models (SLMs), discover the mechanics behind tools like ChatGPT, their applications, and the exciting potential they hold in healthcare, and discuss medical and research alternatives.
  • The future of LLMs and multimodality explained: analyse where this field is heading, what to expect in the coming years and decades, and why combining different types of data processing, like text and images, is crucial in creating AI systems that can reliably lend a hand in clinical work.
  • AI image generators: dive into the creative world of AI-generated imagery and understand its implications across various sectors.
  • Navigating the terrain: as LLMs and generative AI represent a new frontier in the use of AI in healthcare, there’s a necessity for an entirely new kind of regulatory framework to make them safe for medical use – which comes with a brand new pack of ethical considerations and regulatory challenges. 
  • Moving with confidence: become fluent by learning the essential skills – like prompt engineering – and potential benefits. Wrap up your immersion with an overview of what we’ll need to thrive in the era of GenAI.
  • The way forward: test your knowledge, decide if you are open to an optional assignment, and make the most of all the further reading sections

Crafted to be engaging and digestible, we’ve blended a mix of videos, infographics, text explanations, interactive quizzes, and optional assignments to cater to all learning styles. And as always, the first chapter can be accessed without charge, so you can start and see if this meets your expectations before committing. 

And there’s more! We also have a surprise gift to the first registrants: free access to our not-yet-published new ebook “100 Questions and Answers About AI in Medicine”. This bonus content is not just an ebook; it’s a companion guide to further illuminate the path as you explore the frontiers of AI in medicine.

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