Academy awards introduces option for films to skip inclusion report

Change in Oscar contest rules allows films to skip iclusion data by opting out of best picture race.

A subtle shift in enforcement procedures has come to light, impacting feature films participating in this year’s Academy Awards competition. 

Recent alteration in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the Academy’s Representation and Inclusion Standards Entry platform has unveiled a policy change with potential ramifications for inclusion data reporting.

Under the updated protocol, films entering the Oscars race can choose to opt out of contention for the top honor of Best Picture. 

By doing so, they can avoid the requirement to submit comprehensive gender, race, and disability data, which aligns with the new inclusion standards governing Best Picture contenders.

The revision marks a significant departure from the previous mandate that all approximately 300 awards contenders, regardless of their Best Picture prospects, were obligated to provide identity data on the platform. 

The Academy’s rationale for this change appears to be rooted in the challenge of  films that will ultimately land in the Best Picture race, the sole category subject to inclusion standard enforcement. 

The amendment is particularly evident in the transformation of the response to Question 13 on the FAQ, which now asks: “Am I required to create a RAISE submission for a film that I don’t want to be considered for Best Picture?”

Academy officials have chosen not to comment on this alteration, but sources familiar with the change shed light on its origins. 

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