‘Backstreet Boys’ celebrate 26th anniversary of iconic album ‘Backstreet’s Back’

‘Backstreet Boys’ celebrate 26th anniversary of iconic album ‘Backstreet’s Back’

The Backstreet Boys, a musical band known for their chart-topping hits and timeless music, celebrated a milestone 26th anniversary of their international breakthrough album Backstreet’s Back, which became an iconic part of pop music history.

In a celebratory Instagram post, the Backstreet Boys shared a captivating video compilation featuring several video clips highlighting several album tracks.

The band expressed gratitude towards their loyal fanbase and captioned the post, “On this day in 1997, we released our international, second studio album, ‘Backstreet’s Back. So grateful for all the years we’ve been able to jam these songs with you.”

They also asked the fans to share their favourite track from the album. Their album Backstreet’s Back featured several hits, including Everybody and As Long As You Love Me.

Fans inundated the comment section, expressing their deep nostalgia for the album. One of the fans wrote, “I still remember that day.” While another expressed, “We were so young.”

A third wrote, “The day the world was changed forever! Gosh, where did the time go?  Love you guys!”

A fourth fan hailed the band, saying, ” And the rest is history.” Another expressed their inability to choose one favourite track from the album, saying, “Couldn’t choose then… still can’t choose now. This album is still fire.” 

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