Deshaun Watson Shares Notable Update Amid Injury Recovery

Deshaun Watson (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)


Andrew Berry showed a willingness to invest heavily in backup quarterbacks.

One of his first acts as Cleveland Browns GM was to make Case Keenum the best-paid backup in the NFL.

When he signed former starter Jacoby Brissett, Berry knew he would start some games as a temporary fill-in for 2022, but Berry’s last-minute trade of Josh Dobbs might have been his biggest error the following season.

Deshaun Watson’s latest Instagram post tries to ease some minds about 2024, as shared by Faithful Dawgs Podcast on Twitter.

Cleveland’s injured starting quarterback offered three simple words to his social media followers.

“Back at it” is printed at the bottom of a photo of a UCLA practice field.

That would put him back in California, where Dr. Neal ElAttrache repaired his damaged shoulder back in December.

Watson stayed out west for several weeks as ElAttrache supervised the beginnings of a cautious rehabilitation.

From the beginning, the doctor and the player predicted Watson would be 100 percent before training camp.

Cleveland’s franchise passer only finished five games in 2023, but his last appearance was almost miraculous.

Watson led the Browns to an exciting comeback victory over the Ravens in Week 10.

It would be Baltimore’s final loss until the AFC Championship game against the eventual Super Bowl Champions.

After the game, the team shocked fans, announcing the seriousness of Watson’s injury and the end of his season.

Watson’s post acknowledges progress, but it notably does not show him running or throwing, and Berry will likely remember to sign a viable backup for 2024 regardless of Watson’s recovery.

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