Gal Gadot takes part in ‘Miss Israel’ for ‘experience’ but she ‘shockingly won’

Gal Gadot takes part in ‘Miss Israel’ for ‘experience’ but she ‘shockingly won’

Gal Gadot, the star of upcoming film Heart of Stone, engaged in a spicy conversation about winning beauty pageants and performing her own stunts while eating extreme spicy chicken wings during her debut at Hot Ones.

The Wonder Woman was joined by host Sean Evans, on the season 21 finale of YouTube famed series, to bear the heat of tasty chicken wings lathered in fiery flavours and discussing her magnificent work in the Fast &Furious franchise and her forthcoming Netflix spy thriller Heart of Stone.

The superhero of Justice League told host Evans, 37, that she is hands down prepared to taste the spicy flavours.

“Just so you know, I got some tips from friends,” she said as they started eating the zesty chicken wings. “Try not to let it touch the lips.”

Gadot , 38, candidly told Evans that her fellow co-star of Heart of Stone, Alia Bhatt, has given her advice as a person who travels a lot “around the world with like a bottle of spicy sauce.”

“She said, ‘Breathe like this,'” Gadot said while pursing her lips while blowing out, which Evans then copied. “Just like that!”

The peagent queen and 2004’s Miss israel also talked about her experience of taking part in beauty shows.

“When I went to Miss Israel in Israel, to begin with, I went for the experience and so I could tell my grandkids that grandma — and then I won and that was shocking,” Gadot told Evans between progressively heated mouthfuls. “I never meant to win, I came for fun, and all of a sudden — it’s funny, you’re 18, you’re not taking things very seriously. The only part that I enjoyed doing was the opening sequence with the dance.”

Gadot also opened up that acting was not on her list when she was competing in Miss Israel.

“I never thought about becoming an actress and the opportunity kind of came my way,” she shared in a 2017 Sunday Today interview with Willie Geist. “I started to become more curious about it, and then I fell in love with the profession — but it wasn’t like I was growing up dreaming of becoming an actress.”

The Netflix upcoming thriller, Heart of Stone, starring Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan and Alia Bhatt will be released on August 11.

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