How to Convert IRA To Gold: My Step-By-Step Guide

I know that converting an IRA to gold can seem a little challenging. The process offers portfolio diversification and will protect the investor’s retirement savings. Traditionally, the funds are moved from the Roth IRA to a gold IRA. 

Then, we can use them to invest in whatever physical gold and other precious metals we want. Before we convert an IRA to gold, we have to know what it means and choose a reputable gold IRA company to complete the job.

My comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step process overview, which includes the top gold IRA companies available, eligibility requirements, the conversion process, and much more. When you follow my manual, you’ll understand the advantages of risks of choosing this type of investment and make an informed decision about your retirement accounts. Let’s get started!

Best Companies to Convert IRA to Gold

There are many gold IRA companies  out there, so it’s crucial to find the right one for your needs. Clearly, they must offer gold IRAs, which can include silver, palladium, and many other precious metals. Here are my top three options:

#1 Goldco: Editor’s Choice – Most Trusted and Best Gold IRA Company


Goldco can help people invest in precious metals and protect their retirement accounts. It has more than a decade of experience in the industry and offers many investment options, such as palladium, silver, platinum, and gold.

If you’re interested in a gold IRA rollover, this could be the company for you. Likewise, it offers a team of specialists who provide exceptional customer service to guide you through opening a precious metals IRA.



  • Goldco gives you many investment options, such as a gold IRA, which helps you diversify your portfolio and protect your funds.
  • Beginner investors will have the educational resources necessary to learn how to invest in physical gold. That will help them make more informed decisions for their retirement.
  • Get up to 5% back in FREE silver when you invest $50,000-$99,000. Get up to 10% in FREE silver when you invest $100,000 or more.


It’s important to understand that precious metals investing comes with risk. Market fluctuations could impact the value of your overall investment.

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2 Augusta Precious Metals: Excellent Buyback Program (4.6/5)

Augusta Precious Metals offers a unique program called Price Shield. It can safeguard you from potential losses as a result of market volatility. Overall, the program helps you lock in the fixed price for physical precious metals, which means market downturns won’t lead to loss of value. This company provides many investment options for platinum, gold, silver, and palladium.

Therefore, you can easily diversify your portfolio. Plus, the price shield program from Augusta Precious Metals sets it apart from the many other precious metals IRA dealers, offering peace of mind.



  • Augusta Precious Metals offers gold IRAs and many other investment options. Therefore, you can see portfolio diversification.
  • Augusta Precious Metals includes educational resources for beginner investors. This will help you understand how to invest in precious metals and set up your gold IRA.


  • Investing in precious metals requires risk. The fluctuations of the market could impact your investment’s value over time.
  • Typically, it’s more expensive to invest in precious metals with Augusta because it charges high fees for service.

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#3 American Hartford Gold: Best Price for Bullion (4.8/5) (Runner Up)

American Hartford Gold offers a customer-focused approach and low fees, allowing everyone to invest in gold and precious metals. The brand has over 50 years of experience, so the team of professionals here is devoted to helping their customers plan for their goals.

If you’re interested in getting a gold IRA set up, you’ll find that this is one of the best gold IRA providers available! Overall, American Hartford Gold employees are experienced enough to guide you through gold IRAs transparently and efficiently. Get peace of mind with the exceptional customer service and investment solutions.



  • American Hartford Gold uses a low-fee approach for investing in precious metals. This will benefit those who have lower budgets or want to save money.
  • With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, American Hartford Gold has a team of professionals available to provide support and insight for customers.
  • The company puts the focus on customer satisfaction and offers guidance and excellent customer service during the investment process.
  • There’s a low minimum investment requirement.
  • This company provides many investment options for silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. Therefore, your investment portfolio could be diversified.


  • There could be better choices than this company if you want easy and quick investment solutions. Overall, precious metals investing is complex and requires consideration.
  • The value of your precious metals can change based on many factors. These include supply and demand fluctuations and global economic uncertainty, which aren’t in your control.
  • As with all investments, precious metals have risks involved. Therefore, fluctuations might impact the value of yours.

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Gold IRA Investing Benefits

Are you interested in gold IRA investments? Many people are turning to them instead of keeping everything in a 401K or traditional IRA.

Here are a few benefits of gold IRA investments you should know about:

  • More Tax Benefits – Though you’re limited on the type of gold coins and bars you can have in the gold IRA, you could see tax advantages when you deposit and withdraw funds. SEP and traditional IRAs provide tax-free contributions and put the tax on withdrawals. However, Roth IRAs will tax the contributions and offer tax-free withdrawals.
  • Protection from Inflation – Gold prices often increase when the US dollar starts to fall in value. Therefore, it could protect you from inflation. You’ll see consistent returns in most cases.
  • Safe Haven – Economic instability is likely here to stay, but gold prices are still stable. Therefore, it could be a better choice than bonds and equities during a downturn. This means gold IRAs are reliable and can help you preserve your capital, regardless of the market conditions. If you’re planning to save for retirement, this is highly important.
  • Have a Diversified Portfolio – An investment portfolio should balance conservative and high-risk assets together. Though the conservative ones might not give you high returns, they won’t hit you with severe losses. Gold is in that category, and you can use it with other more high-risk assets to achieve your goals.

Benefits of Converting Roth IRA to Gold


If you have a Roth IRA and want to convert it to gold, you’ll experience many benefits. In fact, you might protect your retirement savings and diversify your portfolio. Gold is reliable and has kept its value for centuries.

In the past, people traded it for goods, and it’s an excellent hedge against inflation now. Overall, gold IRAs can be a great investment option for that reason. Likewise, gold coins offer diversification advantages.

Traditional investments, such as bonds and stocks, can falter, but gold isn’t related to the stock market. Therefore, it often performs better when economic uncertainties rear their ugly heads. When you choose precious metals IRAs, you’ll experience long-term growth potential and stability. Since its historical performance has held value with time, it’s a stable foundation for your retirement portfolio.

Limitations and Eligibility Requirements

Before you can open a gold IRA, you must meet the eligibility requirements, such as satisfying the age needs and earning income. The IRS dictates the contribution limits for a traditional and Roth IRA, and this also applies to gold IRAs.

Therefore, the annual contribution cap is $6,000 for those under 50 years old and $7,000 for people over 50. Plus, the IRA only allows you to use eligible precious metals in your gold IRA, so there are different purity standards. Likewise, the entity can change the eligibility criteria, regulations, and limitations put in place. Therefore, it’s important to get guidance from your financial advisor and be informed before converting to a gold IRA.

Potential Downsides

Though there are benefits of having a gold IRA, it’s important to understand that there’s still risk involved. Gold is often volatile, so it might not perform well in the long term. Likewise, there could be higher costs when converting a Roth IRA to gold, such as purchasing the gold and fees for the account opening. Plus, tax implications are something you should consider.

Finding a Reputable Gold IRA Transfer Company

When you decide to set up a gold IRA, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy company to help with the conversion process. A reputable brand will manage your investments correctly and give you reliable and transparent services. Choosing a gold IRA company doesn’t have to be difficult, but you have to focus on the many factors involved.

First, you need a company with a solid track record and long-standing history in this industry. It must prove that it offers reliable services. Likewise, you should look at the pricing structure, fees, and quality of customer service you’ll receive. It’s also important to research gold IRA companies and read reviews that other customers post online.

Find testimonials that offer detailed information on the customer support, fees, and company services. Overall, it’s best to avoid companies that have many negative reviews or a long history of issues. Focus on researching the companies available and reading reviews on them to make an informed decision. This will help you select a trustworthy brand to convert the Roth IRA to the gold IRA. Take your time here because you want to protect your investments and receive the best services possible.

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Process of Converting Roth IRA to Gold


Gold IRA rollovers involve various steps. If you want to turn your traditional or Roth IRA into physical gold, here’s what I recommend you do:

  1. Find Your Reputable Gold IRA Company: It’s crucial to find a reputable gold IRA provider. Look at the Better Business Bureau for ratings and read Trustpilot ratings, as well. There are many third-party services that will provide reviews to help you ensure you get the best service. I’ve also included a list of the best gold IRA companies above.
  2. Open Your New Gold IRA Account: Once you choose a company, you’ll open your gold IRA account. In fact, you’ll work with a gold IRA account custodian to deal with the paperwork, such as the beneficiary designation forms and account application.
  3. Fund Your New Account: The next step is to transfer funds from your existing IRA (Roth IRA, 401K, 403B, etc.) to the gold IRA account. Some people choose a direct transfer, which moves the funds from one account to the next. However, you can select a gold IRA rollover. You’ll get a check from the current IRA and put it in the gold IRA account you’ve just set up.
  4. Choose Your Gold Investments: Once you’ve funded the account, you will work with the gold IRA custodian to choose your gold and silver investments that you want in your portfolio. Overall, this process can be tricky, so it’s wise to have a guide to assist you.
  5. Transfer Funds to Your New Account: When you’ve chosen the investments for your existing IRA to gold transfer, your gold IRA custodian will move the funds to the gold IRA account for you.

Gold IRA Conversion Timelines and Paperwork Involved

Converting a Roth IRA to a precious metals IRA involves tons of paperwork. You’ll be opening an account, filling out the application, and completing other forms. Therefore, it’s wise to work with gold IRA companies because they provide guidance through the process.

It’s also important to understand the timeline you’ll face. Generally, it can differ based on various factors, such as the pace of the transfer process and the efficiency of the company. Depending on the complexity and amount of paperwork involved, it could take a few weeks to complete the task. However, your gold IRA company will give you an estimation here.

Tax Implications When Converting a Roth IRA to Gold

Converting your Roth IRA to a gold IRA often has tax implications you might not be aware of. Therefore, it’s crucial to talk to the provider to understand what they are to make an informed decision. Though precious metals IRAs can be highly beneficial, you still have to know what taxes you’ll pay and when. Let’s dive in deeper:

Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA Taxation

When you have a traditional IRA, you’re making contributions with your pre-tax dollars. However, they are taxed when you withdraw them during retirement. Alternatively, Roth IRA contributions get made with your after-tax dollars, so the qualified withdrawals are then tax-free. When you convert to a precious metals IRA, you’ll pay taxes on the earnings or gains accrued from the Roth IRA account.

To avoid tax consequences when converting the Roth IRA to a gold IRA, you’ll have to take certain steps. One way to prevent issues is by spreading out your conversion over multiple years instead of converting it all at once. This will reduce the tax impact for that year. Likewise, you could convert a portion of the Roth IRA instead of the entire account to reduce your taxes owed. Regardless of your preferred method, it’s wise to speak with a tax professional and a financial advisor to help you make better decisions and reduce your tax implications.

Final Thought – How Gold IRA Investing Safeguards Your Retirement

Gold is quickly becoming the most popular investment option because it can diversify your portfolio if you choose a gold IRA transfer or rollover. Converting your Roth IRA to a gold IRA offers many advantages because you’ll hedge against inflation and protect yourself during financial uncertainty.

However, the decision is yours alone to make, and you should seek out specialists to help you decide. Once you know you want a gold IRA, it’s crucial to check out the many gold IRA companies on the market. They’ll help you understand eligibility criteria, the conversion timeline, contribution limits, and more. I hope this guide has been helpful!

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