Jake Paul calls out brother Logan for ‘playing both sides’ in business ventures after drama during bout

In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Jake Paul said he and his older brother, Logan, have a friendly rivalry in the business world.

But after events that transpired Saturday night, it looks like it’s anything but.

Jake is a partner with Celsius energy drinks, while Logan has promoted Prime since last year. However, Logan’s business partner, fellow YouTuber KSI, and Jake have had a long beef with one another.

Jake told Fox News Digital his brother “inspires” him, and his business ventures are “unprecedented,” but the two had some harsh words for one another on Logan’s most recent “Impaulsive” podcast episode regarding their businesses.


Logan Paul and Jake Paul attend the Jake Paul afterparty hosted by Celebrity Sports Entertainment (CSE) at The Villa Casa Casuarina at the former Versace Mansion April 18, 2021, in Miami Beach, Fla. (Johnny Louis/Getty Images)

Logan, a WWE superstar, said on the show he was threatened to be ejected from Jake’s fight at American Airlines Arena in Dallas Saturday if he brought a Prime bottle into the venue. Jake’s Celsius was the main sponsor for the fight.

“That’s f—ing ridiculous, dude. Do you think I would ever ban you from promoting any of your s— at any of my events? That’s ridiculous!” Paul said.

Jake told Logan to “get over it.”

“Come on. I’m your brother building a business,” Logan replied. “That’s ridiculous that I couldn’t bring in a Prime bottle.”

Soon after, Logan mentioned that DAZN, the main broadcaster of Jake’s fight, was not allowed to mention the Oct. 14 Prime Card that will feature KSI vs. Tommy Fury, the latter of whom Jake lost to in February, and Logan vs. MMA fighter Dillon Danis as co-headliners.


When Jake asked his brother why he would promote his enemy’s event during his own bout, Logan said bluntly, “Because I’m on it!”

It should be noted that Logan’s fight with Danis had not been officially announced yet and was not made public until Tuesday, three days after Jake defeated Diaz in a unanimous decision.

“I want to make something clear,” Logan later said, “because there is this belief online ‘you support your brother’s enemies.’ Dude, you’re living your life. You’re your own entity. And so am I. And we have a lot in common. We are also extremely f—ing different. 

“If I had a beef that ran its course with someone, and I don’t want to have that beef anymore, and I actually get along and like this human, I want to build something. If I grew up loving Dana White and the UFC, and I get a chance to partner, I’m gonna take these opportunities.

Jake Paul

Logan Paul attends a cruiserweight bout between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva of Brazil at Desert Diamond Arena Oct. 29, 2022, in Glendale, Ariz. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

“I’ll always be your ride or die no matter what. But I don’t know if I always have to yield and bend my personal ways because we are brothers, and that’s the sole reason.”

But that’s when Jake said Logan is “playing both sides” with the brother card.


“This is exactly what I’m saying. … When it’s convenient for you, we’re brothers, but then when it’s not, you do the exact opposite of like, ‘But we’re completely separate, so I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do as well …’ Sometimes, you let it rank down here, and sometimes, you want it to be No. 1 when it’s convenient for you.

“When Prime can’t go into the building, ‘we’re brothers.’ When you want to partner with Dana White and KSI, you’re ‘your own entity,’” Paul continued. 

White, the UFC president, has been critical of the younger Paul.

Jake Paul eggs on crowd

Jake Paul gestures to the audience during weigh-ins before his fight against Nate Diaz at American Airlines Center Aug. 4, 2023, in Dallas, Texas. (Sam Hodde/Getty Images)


Jake Paul talked about the brotherly rivalry with Fox News Digital.

“We both want each other to do the best that we can, and I think that’s most important at the end of the day,” Jake said. “There’s obviously the comparison because we’re brothers, but I’m super happy for him and his success.

“What he’s done is unprecedented in terms of his business acumen and everything. He’s just absolutely crushing it, and he inspires me. So, that’s what’s really most important.”

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