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Jennifer Lopez is in damage-control mode!

Following the release of her album This Is Me… Now earlier this year, the 54-year-old singer planned to go on tour to bring her new music live to fans. However, some folks won’t get that chance to see her up on stage! Why? J.Lo canceled several dates from August 20 — August 31, which included stops in Nashville, Raleigh, Atlanta, Tampa, New Orleans, Houston, and Cleveland. Yikes! Fans in those areas must be so upset! Especially because Jen gave no explanation about why she canceled the shows!

Entertainment Weekly reported a logistical issue forced the actress to axe the concerts. However, there appears to be more to the story. That “logistical issue” may have been that there wasn’t enough money coming in to make those shows viable! See, Variety reported on Tuesday her upcoming tour has been struggling to sell tickets! It’s apparently so bad J.Lo most likely had to cancel all of those shows due to poor sales. Oof! Now, in order to get more people at the shows and prevent canceling more dates, she appears to have made a major change…

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According to Variety, the actress rebranded her show! Instead of This Is Me…Now: The Tour, it’s being called This Is Me…Live | The Greatest Hits. Yep! A greatest hits tour a la Eras! The outlet reported:

“The latest rebrand suggests a pivot from a tour focusing on the new album’s songs to one spanning her discography, a move that may entice listeners who didn’t connect with her latest material.”

Smart move! Her album only sold 14,000 copies in its first week. It also debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard 200, becoming the second of her nine studio albums to not make the top 10. Damn. In context we guess it’s not so shocking her shows struggled with ticket sales based on those numbers! Why would fans spend their money on a show centered around an album they have no interest in? But if Jennifer switched the game plan to include more of her popular tracks from back then — kind of like a Taylor Swift Eras Tour scenario — that may change fans’ minds!

Good pivot… or is it??

A source has come forward to Page Six to say Jennifer always planned to make this tour a salute to her greatest hits! They claimed the concert would “convey the Jennifer Lopez live experience” and was not created just for the music from her latest album. The source made it clear the show is a “celebration which includes the new album.” Hmm. So why not have branded it as a greatest hits tour originally then? Could have saved her and her team the stress of those sale problems if that was the plan all along…

Anyway, she better hope this works! Girl needs folks to buy tickets in order to recoup some money after self-financing her $20 million This Is Me… Now multimedia projects, which include the star-studded film and documentary.

What are YOUR thoughts on the rebrand of the tour? Does this make you want to purchase a ticket now? Or do you plan to save your money and still skip it? Sound OFF in the comments!

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