Katie Price sets the record straight: ‘I am not back on the bugle’

Katie Price sets the record straight: ‘I am not back on the bugle’

Katie Price recently quashed claims that she was back on drugs. During a TikTok live video, where she often interacts with her followers, Katie furiously hit back at the followers, questioning her if she was back on drugs.

The former glamour model denied any wrongdoing. One of her followers asked in the comment section, “Are you back on the bugle?” Bugle is a slang term used to describe taking cocaine.

The former I Am A Celebrity star immediately responded, “Back on bugle? Actually, no, I am not on the bugle.”

Katie, who recently had a nose job, was hit with accusations after she was seen itching her nose while looking down towards the camera of her phone, reports the Mirror.

Katie explained that she had a nose job recently and it got itchy because there were stitches inside, and she called for a stop to rumours regarding her being back on drugs.

The mom-to-five opened up regarding cocaine usage in 2021, and she had to spend more than a month at a Priory clinic to become clean. At that time, Katie vowed to take regular drug tests to prove to her kids that she had become clean.

Katie had never shied away from having cosmetic procedures, as she had recently undergone a knife again for a nose job and got lip fillers as well.

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