King Charles shows Prince William his place with latest announcement

Prince William has been appointed the Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps by King Charles.

The announcement was made on the social media pages of the Royal Family on Friday.

The announcement accompanied multiple pictures of the king and hier.

But the pictures shared by the King’s team have angered Prince William and Kate Middleton’s fans.

The King was accused of being jealous of Princess Diana and was accused of treating his son William the same way.

The royal announcement said “Additional Military Appointments” but William’s fans were of the view that it should be about Prince William’s appointment as Colonel-In Chief of the Army Corps. 

They said the statement barely mentioned William while it went to great lengths to share photos of Charles flying a helicopter from decades ago despite William’s impressive military career and rigorous training. 

Charles’s team was slammed for failing to show Prince William in the cockpit.

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