Kourtney Kardashian irks fans with irresponsible comments amid deadly Hawaii wildfires

Pregnant American TV personality Kourtney Kardashian sparked reactions from fans with her “insensitive” comments while enjoying a sunny getaway with her husband Travis Barker amid the devastation in Maui, Hawaii.

Kim Kardashian’s sister Kourtney has been slammed for her words, “The ocean calms the fire in me,” amid the raging wildfires plaguing the Hawaiian island of Maui that killed more than 50 people , saying: 

Thousands of residents and tourists on the resort island have reportedly been evacuated while the death toll mounting amid the scorching bushfires that broke out on Tuesday.

It appears as Kourtney unwillingly ignored the sensitivity of the events not too far from her as she enjoyed a few days in Montecito with musician husband.

The 44-year-old, who’s expecting her first child with barker, posted a series of pictures in which she was seen soaking up the sunshine while showing off her blossoming bump. She captioned the photos: “The ocean calms the fire in me.”

The pregnant Kardashian’s comments irked her fans and followers, with one reacting: “Maybe not the best time to say the ocean calms the fire – when people in Hawaii were forced into the ocean because of a fire. Wish that Ocean would calm the fires on Maui.”

Another wrote: “So insensitive to the people on Maui” while a second added: “That’s a really inappropiate caption, jeeez.” A fourth acknowledged: “Terrible timing for a terrible caption.”

Travis Barker’s sweetheart Kourtney has also posted images of the beach, an epic ocean view from her hotel room, and photos of the delicious lunches and dinners she was enjoying.

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