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April 3, 2024: Largo and Stryten Energy have announced plans for a 50-50 joint venture to be a key player in the vanadium supply chain for the North American flow battery market.

The companies said on March 18 they had signed a non-binding letter of intent that would combine Largo Clean Energy (LCE), a subsidiary of Largo, with Stryten’s VRFB business.

The proposed venture would provide access to US-produced vanadium electrolyte needed for VRFB manufacturers to accelerate the commercial deployment of vanadium battery storage — in what the partners say is a future estimated market in North America of “hundreds of gigawatts” in size for VRFB long duration energy storage projects.

Largo director and interim CEO Daniel Tellechea said the agreement followed a review and evaluation of proposals to “unlock and fully maximize the value of LCE”.

The announcement of the proposed venture with Stryten came as LCE confirmed a 5.5MWh VRFB project in Spain with Enel Green Power España.

Largo is known for its high-quality VPURE and VPURE+ vanadium products sourced from its Maracás Menchen Mine in Brazil.

Stryten said in January 2022 it was expanding its lead and lithium battery production business to also embrace VRFB technology, following its acquisition of Storion Energy.

Later that year, CellCube brand owner Enerox said it had launched a subsidiary in Colorado to take advantage of “exploding demand” for long duration energy storage systems in the US market.

The Austria-based vanadium redox flow battery company said it would target a range of services including support for renewable energy supply and microgrid applications.

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