Leap Event Technology launches merchant services solution via Stripe

US-based Leap Event Technology has launched their integrated merchant services solution, powered by Stripe, included in their unified suite of event technology and service offerings.


Supported by Stripe, Leap’s merchant services consolidates critical transaction infrastructure and services across all enterprise ticketing and ecommerce products that support clients in the attractions, fandom, music, comedy, sports, and performing arts verticals, as well as Leap’s do-it-yourself (DIY) offering, Ticketleap. This all-encompassing solution, including payment gateway, processor, and merchant account, is designed to save Leap clients the time and effort of managing their own payment systems.

Through centralised record-keeping, integrated payment processing encompassing diverse options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Afterpay, streamlined refunds, and effortless deposit handling, clients gain access to a complete array of merchant services for revenue optimisation, all under a straightforward opt-in with no extra charges. Embracing this comprehensive merchant services package also allows clients to leverage Leap’s chargeback and fraud prevention tools, augmenting efficiency by entrusting these responsibilities to Leap’s team of event-risk specialists.

Officials from Leap Event Technology said that by offering a secure, PCI compliant option for merchant services, they’re not just improving the overall process for clients; they’re also making it easier to further elevate the attendee experience.

The company’s officials added that for their clients, housing a modern payment platform with their selection of vertical-specific ticketing solutions leads to an even more seamless attendee purchase experience. This greases the wheels for easier ticket sales, as well as add-ons like pre-purchased merchandise and VIP perks. Plus, their enhanced fraud protection tailored for live events gives an extra layer of security for clients and their ticket buyers, all while placing no additional burden on the event organiser.

What does Leap Event Technology do?

Leap’s global event technology solution enables organisers to transform their events into elevated experiences for attendees. The company provides an all-in-one suite of ticketing, mobile apps, experiential marketing, CRM, merchant services, and event management tools, combined with expert marketing and analytics.

This unified approach enables organisers to drive nonstop engagement and capture fan insights before, during, and after their event. With offices in Dallas, Pittsburgh, Montreal, and Sydney, plus an expansive remote workforce, their team is dedicated to helping organisers connect with audiences and bring experiences to event goers around the world.

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