Man addicted to tuna fish eats 15 cans weekly, wears its juice as cologne

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A man living in the United States says he loves tuna fish so much that he eats and drinks 15 cans a week and also wears its juice as a cologne, NDTV reported.

The tuna-addicted man, known as Tuna Tyler, went viral after he made an appearance on a television program “My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted?”

The man spoke about his obsession with canned fish, saying it started at a very young age.

“I love smelling tuna every day, all the time, all night, any day, every day,” states the fish enthusiast.

Tyler takes a sniff of tuna can. — New York Post
Tyler takes a sniff of tuna can. — New York Post

“He’s always liked fish. When he was little and most kids during Easter want chocolate in their baskets and things like that, he didn’t eat the chocolate, so we put tuna and cans of sardines because he liked that,” said Tyler’s mother, Ursula.

“I didn’t think it would turn into, you know, where he was smelling it and keeping it and being addicted to it now,” his mother added.

In a video from the show shared on YouTube, Tyler is seen seated at a coffee shop before he reaches his pocket to take out a small can of tuna.

Tyler, while looking around, opens the can and deeply inhales the aroma. A woman with a cup of coffee approaches him, and instead of drinking the coffee, he once again smells the stench of fish.

“They call me Tuna Tyler, and I’m addicted to smelling tuna. When people see me smelling tuna out in public, you know, they might think it’s a little bit different, for sure. It might look weird to other people, but to me, I think it’s perfectly fine,” he said.

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