Opposition wins Turkish local elections

In the city of Van in eastern Turkey, the pro-Kurdish DEM candidate Abdullah Zeydan, who won the local election, has been disqualified, with the office of mayor now going to the AKP candidate who came second. According to the DEM, the Ministry of Justice cancelled a court decision that had confirmed Zeydan’s right to stand as a candidate two days before the elections. Yetkin Report condemns what it calls unacceptable interference:

“The last-minute operation in Van, carried out with the help of the Ministry of Justice, casts a shadow over the fact that the will of the people was decisive in the 31 March elections. This is unacceptable. This mistake must be corrected immediately and the will of the people must be respected. The Van scandal shows that the pluralistic democracy which proved itself in Turkey on 31 March can only function properly if the requirements of the rule of law are met.”

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