Prince Harry is showing King Charles a ‘visceral bitterness’

Prince Harry is showing King Charles a ‘visceral bitterness’

Prince Harry has just been accused of showing off a ‘visceral’ kind of bitterness towards King Charles.

Royal commentator Richard Eden broke down these allegations against the Duke of Sussex.

He broke it all down in his piece for the Daily Mail.

In this piece he pointed out the changes King Charles has made since his accension to the throne.

“Back then, it was announced that they would be forbidden from using their ‘Royal Highness’ style in future amid their headlong dash for money and commercial deals,” Mr Eden said.

“Those close to the royals, however, tell a different story,” because “a visceral bitterness persists at the sustained attacks that Harry and Meghan have waged against family members through his memoir and their various television interviews.”

In light of this, Mr Eden warns, “there was resentment that elements of the Duke and Duchess’s previous lives were allowed to remain unaltered, as though they were still somehow part of ‘the Firm’.”

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth though, things didn’t change because “One reason there was no push for a change was because the late Queen Elizabeth wanted to ensure that anything her grandson might interpret as a snub or the slamming of a royal door was avoided.”

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