Prince Harry ‘melting’ by ‘celebrity-style attention’ in Japan

Prince Harry is seemingly enjoying the love and attention amid his trip to Japan.

The Duke of Sussex, who has landed in Asia for his first solo charitable trip, has been spotted ‘loving celebrity style attention’ in Tokyo.

Speaking about the Duke’s excitement, body language expert Judi James tells Mirror: “The body language in this clip is poignant because it suggests Harry has now inherited his mother Diana’s trait of fluctuating and contrasting facial expressions and emotions that could range or flip from happy to deeply sad within a moment.

She adds: “Diana’s smiles could, and did, melt as we watched them and Harry’s smiles here appear to do the same. No expression seems able to fix on his face here and he goes from looking relaxed and cheerful to anxious and haunted within a heartbeat.

“Harry seems to feed off his close long-term friend Nacho Figueras for his smiles here as he looks at his happiest when the pair chat as they walk along. Nacho seems to be one catalyst for Harry’s upbeat grins but the other seems to be the adulation of his Japanese fans,” Ms James continues.

“His grin and his verbal and visual connection with the fans suggests he loves the celebrity-style attention and approval and he even calls out ‘good to see you again’ to a member of the press.

Touching upon  ‘genuine’ gestures displayed by Harry, Ms James continued: “His walk looks jaunty as though he is glad to be there but then the smiles drop quickly as he bites his lower lip in a gesture of what looks like anxiety, before sucking his lips in to suggest the same. His eye expression ‘melts’, too. His crinkled eye-smile appears genuine but then suddenly it has vanished to be replaced by a more wary, haunted look.”

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