Prince Harry should learn ‘blood is thicker than Netflix’

Prince Harry should learn ‘blood is thicker than Netflix’

Prince Harry has just been urged to ‘re-learn’ a few lessons, particularly ones that showcase the fact that “blood is thicker than Netflix.”

This warning to the Duke of Sussex has been shared by royal commentator and author Angela Levin.

She broke it all down in one of her pieces for Express UK.

In this piece in particular, she pointed out the need for close family ties and admitted, “The Sussexes’ sprawling estate in Montecito would be the perfect place for a holiday and for the little ones to get to know each other.”

“But given the bleak state of Harry’s relationship with his brother, there’s more chance of William and Kate taking their kids on an all-inclusive trip to Magaluf,” she also added.

However, Ms Levin does hold out hope for the childrens’ futures and later added, “Of course one day the children may find their own way to each other.”

“But until that time comes – by which time it could be too late – Harry and Meghan should do something to close the gap between the cousins” and “William and Kate must, in return, graciously encourage the bond too,” she also added.

After all, “As well as benefiting the children it will be a reminder of family ties – they are all grandchildren of the King and Princess Diana.”

“That alone should be enough of a reminder that blood is thicker than Netflix,” Ms Levin believes.

But “who will make the first move? Given the embittered state of affairs it’s impossible to say,” she later added before signing off from the conversation. 

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