Prince Harry’s an ‘opportunistic man’: ‘Tragedies are his bread & butter’

Prince Harry’s an ‘opportunistic man’: ‘Tragedies are his bread & butter’

Prince Harry is being accused of publishing “personal tragedies” for money and fodder.

Allegations against the couple’s motivations have been referenced by PR expert Kieran Elsby.

Mr Elsby started everything off by accusing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of ‘using’ deep rooted family traumas to ‘make a few quick bucks’.

He broke everything down in an interview with Express UK.

During the course of this interview, he began to question the couple’s intentions and asked, “While it’s tempting to speculate that these themes align with the couple’s public advocacy efforts, it’s also fair to wonder if their involvement is more opportunistic than genuine.”

During the course of this interview, Mr Elsby also referenced the decision to pick a plotline so close to home, and accused the duo of being deliberate in their attempts to ‘sell family secrets’.

“The presence of a plot point centred around the death of a parent in a car crash might be a convenient parallel to Harry’s personal experience, but it’s also a stark reminder of how they leverage personal tragedies for their own gain,” Mr Elsby also added before concluding his chat.

For those unversed, these claims and admissions have been made in response to the media uproar towards the project in general.

The rom-com is based on the book Meet Me At The Lake, and had its rights signed over for a whopping £3million ($3.8million).

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