Snow White movie sparks internet division, branded ‘Pseudo-Feminism’ by critics

 Snow White movie faces backlash for ‘Pseudo-Feminism.’

Rachel Zegler has attracted significant attention due to her remarks concerning her titular role in Snow White remake, scheduled for release next year.

In a video interview with a Variety correspondent, Zegler expressed, “We’re no longer in 1937. 

“Snow White won’t be rescued by a prince, nor will she be preoccupied with the idea of true love.” 

Zegler elaborated that Snow White’s aspirations are now centered on assuming a leadership role, inspired by her late father’s guidance to be fearless, just, courageous, and authentic. 

A segment of individuals argued that Zegler’s depiction of Snow White’s disinterest in love was potentially counter to feminist ideals. 

They contended that this perspective might inadvertently reinforce antiquated stereotypes that limit a woman’s autonomy in shaping her own path, irrespective of her choices.

One TikTok user, @cosywithangie, encapsulated, “Critiquing Disney princesses is not an act of feminism. It’s important to recognize that not every woman aspires to be a leader, and that’s perfectly valid.” 

She further emphasized that advocating for traditional roles, such as desiring love, marriage, and homemaking, does not diminish a woman’s worth or diminish her standing as an individual.

A prevailing sentiment has emerged in response to the discourse surrounding Disney princesses, with a divide centered on two overarching themes: critique of women’s choices often mirrored by their male counterparts, and the tendency to dismiss a woman solely based on her inclination toward or desire for love.

Gabi D on TikTok pointed out, “While it’s acknowledged that Snow White and the entire film might not provide the most accurate portrayal of little people, it still includes them.

“Removal of these characters and their replacement with individuals of average size raises concerns for me about erasing this representation from media altogether.” 

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