Soderbergh reveals: How he launched Nolan’s path to success

Soderbergh reveals: How he launched Nolan’s path to success

Steven Soderbergh recently revealed that he advocated in favour of Christopher Nolan with Warner Bros for the directorial gig of Insomnia. Steven is currently promoting his new series Gen-Z.

Recalling the incident, he revealed that Warner Bros. exec didn’t like Nolan’s Momento, so he refused to take a meeting with Nolan for a potential directing gig for Insomia.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Steven said, he got a call from Nolan’s assistant Dan who told him that Chris was interested in Insomnia’s script at Warner Bros. but their executives weren’t taking the meeting.

The filmmaker added that he personally contacted Warner Bros. and asked them to take the meeting with Nolan, reports Variety

He continued, “I knew Chris well enough to know that if he gets in the room, he’s going to get that job.”

Steven’s reference landed Nolan on the job and paved the way for a career-defining relationship between Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan.

Nolan’s Momento received an Academy Award nomination for original screenplay and the success of Insomnia led him to get the keys of Batman franchise.

Expressing his admiration for Nolan, Steven said that Chris was going to emerge because of his talent even if he hadn’t got the chance to direct Insomnia.

The latest venture of Nolan, Oppenheimer is currently playing in cinemas since July 21, 2023. 

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