Student politics and exerting power is not one and the same

That is why in the open letter to the prime minister written by the BUET students, it is said, “Over the past few years we have seen the negative side of power in the name of student politics on the BUET campus. It is student politics that unleashed domination, power, ragging, humiliating teachers, extortion, repression of students and violence. There has even been killing.”

If an end is brought to this tagging along behind political parties and a one-party dominance, naturally student organisations will no longer become hubs of unabated crime. The new crimes that are emerging are a matter of dismay and shame. An example of this is a young woman being raped in the Jahangirnagar campus, while her husband was detained. The recent incidents of sexual harassment and abuse at Chittagong University, Jagannath University, Mymensingh’s Kabi Nazrul University and the Islamic University are examples of such domination and criminal propensities. This must come to an end. That is why the demands of the BUET students cannot be called unrealistic or undemocratic. They are not calling for a halt to BUET students taking part in politics outside of the campus.

The incidents over the past few days have given rise to further questions, such as the role of the university administration. It is not at all comprehensible as to why the university authorities had no representative at the High Court hearing of the Chhatra League leader’s appeal. What reason is there to expect the public prosecutors would take a strong stance against the ruling party’s student organisation?

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