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Good Sunday morning, ladies.  Welcome to my weekly lifestyle post called Sunday Mornings at Home.  I so appreciate you joining me.

Sunday mornings at home is a lifestyle round-up of the past week, the future week, and can really cover just about anything on my plate.

I have a gift for you later in the post, and I hope fun information.

So, please join me with your morning cup of JOY, in a cozy spot and let’s get going with today’s…

Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Yesterday, I shared with you that bow blouses are a fashion trend for 2024.

I thought I would show you in today’s post how I am actually styling bow blouses right now…and I really enjoy the looks.

Recently, I picked up this simple little topper at my favorite local boutique…Elizabeth’s Boutique (on 1604 for San Antonio readers).

One way I am wearing this topper is with my Quince Washable Stretch Silk Tie Neck Blouse In navy blue and with the bow to the side.

The navy ponte pants are from Talbots a couple of years ago.  The blouse is not tucked in, but is showing from under the topper.

I like this look and will wear it often.

Also, my little slip-on shoes are new and from Easy Spirit….these are the EASY SPIRIT RIPTIDE CLOGS in gold for me to wear just around the house.

However, below are the shoes I am suppose to wear the majority of time…..


Sunday Mornings at Home

These Brooks shoes were recommended to me by my Physical Therapy Doctor.

I have never worn Brooks before, but now that I am wearing them, I understand why.  The construction and padding is different from any of my other shoes.

I bought these at Macy’s after she recommended them…here is the BROOKS ADRENALINE GTS 23 RUNNING SNEAKERS.

Physical Therapy is grueling in the beginning…I have been sore and tired after my first two sessions.

But, I am not complaining…just happy to be going forward….hopefully toward different shoes from sneakers.

Sunday Mornings at Home

I did get another therapeutic massage right before I began PT, and it helped so much with flexibility and movement.

I am glad that I purchased an annual membership at Oak Haven Massage…I am going to need this and it really helps to have such an experienced technician who worked in PT.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Of course, next week is Valentine’s week, and I am super excited to have a gift just for you.

Tomorrow, I will update you on my skincare journey with Brian of BY BRIAN. 

His skincare products have been amazing and everything to me to help build my confidence later in life.

This is the first January I did not feel like I wanted to begin the year with a spa facial.  I feel as though I get one every morning.  I am so pleased with my complexion at age 70!

Beginning tomorrow, Brian is going to offer this audience 35% off of purchases through Thursday.

The rest of the world will be offered 25%…you will need my code for the special offer….and I will share that with you tomorrow.  

He rarely does this, but would like to help us to glow and be our confident best.

Brian has been so helpful with Zoom meetings and he makes himself available to do this for others.

You can see here he selected makeup colors just for me as an autumn.

I hope you will join me tomorrow for more.

Sunday mornings at Home

I am also attending a special event this week and my outfit is not what I am wearing here…but….


Sunday Mornings at Home

Once I saw this jacket on the display, my mind began to race at how I could make it work for the event.  I also have another option in mind, but need to try them both on.

If all goes well, I will show you on Thursday how I styled the jacket or the other option, and how Brian taught me to do my makeup for this event.

The jacket is lightweight and easy to wear…so I wore it this weekend again with the Quince washable silk bow blouse.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home is when I take time to also acknowledge the well I go to in order to draw out strength.

Though I recognize this time of year often comes with weather challenges, it is the time of year I love the most to light candles, or just use lamplight and sit in the mornings and evenings in peace.

At that time, I will put on my Bose headset and listen to instrumental praise and worship music…composed with mostly piano.  (Mr. B prefers acoustic guitar)

Through this quiet time alone with God, often in prayer, I find my strength for the day.

Where do you like to find “down time” or quiet time?  Where is that special place for you?

I have a friend who has actually created that space inside of a large closet.  But, I prefer to be where I can see the dimly lit lamps or candles and just breathe in the peace.

Thank you for joining me today in Sunday mornings at home…of course I love to hear from you…and I think I have a fun week planned…so make sure that you…


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Sunday Mornings at Home

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