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Cream is a common food item which is derived from milk.

Once the milk comes down to room temperature, only then will the cream become thick and it will be easier to churn it out.

Milk plays an important role in providing essential nutrients to the body. In India, milk holds a very special place in households, as it is used for making food items like paneer, curd, cream, and even ghee. Milk is known for the innumerable benefits that it provides to the human body as it contains nutrients like proteins, fats, and calcium. Cream is one of the common food items which is derived from milk. Sometimes, it gets quite difficult to prepare it at home. Here are some tips and tricks that can be used while churning out cream from milk.

Keeping the milk at room temperature: Milk is usually kept in the fridge, to keep it cool. Then, the milk is boiled. Before boiling the milk, it is essential to keep it at room temperature. If the cold milk is directly heated, then it becomes difficult to churn out the cream from it. The quality of the milk that is not kept at room temperature is also found to be poor.

Transferring hot milk from one vessel to another: Once the milk is boiled and hot, it is important to stir the milk with the help of a ladle. Then fill the ladle with some milk and drop it from a height into another vessel. Doing this 3–4 times will help make the cream thicker.

Avoid covering the milk: Once the milk is boiled, avoid covering it with a plate. Covering it with a plate will not allow the steam to exit and will hamper the quality of the cream that is produced. It is advised that it be covered with a lid, made of net.

Avoid keeping hot milk in the fridge: While the milk is hot, it should never be kept inside the fridge. Once it comes down to room temperature, only then will the cream become thick and it will be easier to churn it out.

Boiling milk thrice a day: Milk should be boiled thrice a day to churn out a better quality cream from it. It is also advised to keep the churned-out cream in an airtight container inside the fridge.

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