What colour is a tennis ball? Netizens surprisingly divided

A surprising number of netizens are mistaken about the Tennis ball colour. —Reuters

A poll on X revealed that a large number of internet users are confused about the real colour of tennis balls. 

According to a poll by an X user, 43.2% of people believe that the colour of a tennis ball is green and 46.7% think that it’s yellow. Another 3.4% choose the other and 6.8% selected the “just show answer” option. 

This incident served as a stark reminder of how widespread misconceptions can be, leaving us dumbfounded by the extent of such misguided beliefs within a significant portion of the population.

If someone had posed the question about the colour of a tennis ball to me just yesterday, I would have never imagined that there could be room for diverse interpretations. I would have immediately assumed that the individual inquiring was colourblind and required confirmation that a tennis ball is unequivocally yellow.

Take, for instance, the iconic Wimbledon tennis tournament, where matches unfold on the lush green grass courts. Against this green backdrop, the visibility of the yellow tennis ball remains clear and unambiguous.

It’s conceivable that these are the same individuals who once claimed that the infamous black and blue dress was mysteriously white and gold—an enigma that still eludes my comprehension to this day. Some people seem to struggle with discerning colours, and while that’s perfectly acceptable, it’s nonetheless perplexing.

The thought of having individuals in my circle of acquaintances who genuinely believe tennis balls are green is almost unsettling. It’s an example of a circumstance where blissful ignorance might be preferable.

However, it’s undeniable that categorizing the object in the image below as green would be an error of perception.

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