What’s for dessert? Bear with sweet tooth barges into wedding, gets his fill

In this picture released on August 2, 2023, shows a bear on a table during a wedding in Colorado eating something. — Facebook/Cailyn MacRossie-Martinez

Wedding parties are always memorable for those who are getting married but it becomes more exciting when different unusual events occur.

One such occurrence was recorded on camera by a couple from Colorado who welcomed an uninvited guest to their party event near Boulder. It was a bear.

It was raining heavily during the day and then had to add an extra plate for this bear.

The couple Cailyn MacRossie-Martinez and Brandon Martinez told ABC News that the bear crashed their dessert table.

She wrote on Facebook, “Then a bear ate our dessert bar.”

“It’s not too often you go into your dessert table, and see a bear crashing it, eating all of it,” Brandon said.

According to the couple, the staff security shooed off the bear quickly, and nobody got hurt.

“I think next that went out were the lemon bars, and then, the cannolis, which we were most looking forward to. Unfortunately, we did not get any,” Cailyn said.

But, it made for an even more memorable day.

A month earlier, a video went viral on social media in which a bear was spotted having leisure time in a pool to fight the heatwave as the US reels with scorching high temperatures.

The video was shared by the Burbank Police Department and gained traction with thousands of social media users.

The police department wrote on Instagram: “This bear is beating the heat in Burbank! Officers are on-scene after the bear was spotted in a hillside neighbourhood before taking a dip to cool off.”

The neighbourhood where the bear was spotted is about 16km north of Los Angeles and near the Verdugo Mountains.

Parts of the southwestern US were grappled with intensely hot temperatures over that month. In El Paso, Texas, temperatures have been in the triple-digits Fahrenheit for 27 consecutive days.

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